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Fun Things to Do in Candlewood Lake, CT

Autumn Season with sunset view

Nestled within western Connecticut’s Fairfield and Litchfield counties, Candlewood Lake is the largest lake in all of Connecticut, with a surface area of over eight square miles. Bordering the lake are the towns of Brookfield, New Fairfield, Danbury, Sherman, and New Milford. Some of the most sought after waterfront real estate in these towns are perched along the scenic shores of the lake.

Candlewood Lake is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike, thanks to the wealth of fun activities it offers. The lake serves as a year-round recreational venue, although most of its visitors enjoy heading to the lake during the summer months for activities such as golf, swimming, boating, and fishing. There are several resorts and recreational venues located along Candlewood Lake’s 60-mile shoreline, including swimming beaches, marinas, and golf courses.

If you’re looking to relax, soak in serene views, and enjoy fun outdoor activities with family and friends, here are some of the best things to do in Candlewood Lake, CT:

Visit Squantz Pond State Park

Immerse yourself in a serene mountain setting at Squantz Pond State Park. Established as a state park in 1926, Squantz Pond features enchanting wooded slopes transitioning into a tranquil blue pond, making it a popular spot for photographers and nature lovers.

The park features several picnic areas, a hiking trail, and a boat launch, making it an ideal destination if you’re looking forward to activities such as hiking, swimming, fishing, or boating.

Go rafting

Take in the relaxing sights and sounds of Candlewood Lake by going rafting. Gather friends and family on three or more speed boats or pontoon boats all tied up together to create a unique party venue surrounded by breathtaking views.

To enjoy the most relaxing rafting experience, head for Squantz Pond Cove located near the Squantz Pond causeway and boat ramp, as this area typically has the least amount of waves.

Catch some fish

The waters of Candlewood Lake are home to a thriving population of smallmouth and largemouth bass. The lake consistently ranks in Bassmaster Magazine as one of the top lakes for bass fishing in the entire country, and is a venue for more than a hundred bass tournaments every year. The lake features all different structures that make it a perfect breeding ground for bass, including roadbeds, foundations, points, flats, milfoil, humps, and steep ledges.

In addition to bass, anglers will also be able to catch carp, trout, rock bass, catfish, perch, and crappie. You can drop by nearby fishing shops such as Candlewood Bait and Tackle to stock up on any equipment you need, including a wide array of lures.

If you want to treat your kids to an unforgettable fishing experience in Candlewood Lake, you can enroll them at a bass fishing summer camp at Candlewood Fishing Camp, which offers overnight bass fishing adventures and other programs for kids and teens from ages 9 to 16.

Jump off Chicken Rock

One of Candlewood Lake’s main highlights is Chicken Rock, a popular cliff diving spot for many visitors, especially kids and young adults. This 30-foot-high boulder can be accessed through a side trail located on Green Island.

Dine at a lakefront restaurant

Satisfy your taste buds with some delicious food and refreshing drinks while soaking in the views at one of the many waterfront restaurants along the shores of Candlewood Lake.

No matter what you’re craving for, you’ll be able to find an assortment of different cuisine including seafood, Italian, Mexican, traditional American comfort food, and more. Some dining spots that are worth checking out include Knapp’s Landing, Down the Hatch, and Dolphin’s Cove Restaurant and Marina.

Enjoy the majestic sunset

Visitors can enjoy captivating views of the sunset over Lake Candlewood. If you’re searching for the best vantage point to view the sunset, one of the best spots is right between Oak Point and Chimney Point, as it features an excellent, unobstructed view of the lake as it gradually transitions between the towns of Brookfield and New Milford.

Dusk is also the perfect time to be out on a pontoon, as the views and the atmosphere are simply magical as the day transitions to the evening and glittering lights appear in the distance. Go for a relaxing sunset cruise from Sherman to New Fairfield Town Park for a romantic and enchanting experience.

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