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The Benefits of Buying a Lakefront Home

Balcony near at Lake side view

The spectacular view of Candlewood Lake from the deck of this 4.15-acre property in Sherwin, CT is second to none. View more pictures here. Check out property details here.

Picture this: as you open the door to your brand-new lakefront home, you’re greeted by a spectacular view of shimmering freshwater and lush greenery. The air you breathe in Candlewood Lake is much cleaner than what you might be used to breathing in the city. You instantly feel more relaxed and serene and stress feels like a thousand miles away.

Still need more reasons to go ahead and buy a lake house? Here are a few benefits of owning one:

A lakefront home will always be in demand

Lake houses don’t come cheap, and for good reason. It’s an investment that’s better than most because these types of homes are in short supply – yet demand remains consistently high. As a buyer, you can bank on an appreciable rise in value over time fueled by the undiminished desirability of lake homes. You may enjoy it for years on end, but should you ever decide to sell it down the line, the home will be able to attract future buyers.

A lakefront home can be a source of passive income

Buying lakefront property as a vacation home is a smart move, one that can pay for its upkeep if you’re inclined to rent it out. These days, most families are opting to rent out entire homes for their holidays, as opposed to booking for hotel rooms, which can be very challenging if the headcount is high.

Renting out homes is also a lot more secure, more private, and more intimate for gatherings. Safer, too, what with concerns over potential crowding in resorts given the pandemic. Therefore, renting entire homes for the duration of a family vacation is fast becoming a preferred option over commercial resorts. Lake houses make for very attractive vacation rentals as they are among the most sought-after waterfront properties.

A lakefront home provides psychological benefits

According to Wallace J. Nichols, Ph.D., a marine biologist, being near “blue spaces” or spaces that are surrounded and close to freshwater, have many physical and psychological benefits. Have you ever felt calmer and more relaxed just at the sight of greenery? Blue spaces are a lot like that, and they’re even better at reducing stress levels than looking at trees or a green landscape.

A lakefront home has health benefits

Being surrounded by freshwater brings an extra shot of wellness. For one, the quality of lakeside air is a lot better and definitely cleaner than the air in urban spaces. Being far away from noise and air pollution of the city improves breathing and helps boost our body’s immunity.

The air around bodies of water is full of negative ions, which are air molecules that have been broken down by sunlight or the movement of air and water. Being in an environment with more negative ions means breathing in the kind of air that enhances the body’s production of serotonin – which lifts moods, fights stress, and makes us more alert.

Combine peaceful blue waters with the soothing green landscape and you’ve got one very relaxing scene, indeed. Plants also give off a substance called phytoncides. When inhaled, these can improve your white blood cell count, which fights off infections and boosts immunity to illness.

A lakefront home can awaken your creativity

Lastly, consider the way living in a home by the lake will make you feel. Apart from getting a better night’s sleep from the soothing sounds of the water, and the calming effect of being surrounded by all that blue space, living by the lake can also be very romantic and inspiring.

Living near a lake can create the right energy for awakening creativity. A lot of writers and artists retreat to homes by the lake to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and focus on their works in progress.

Never underestimate the impact of being surrounded by natural beauty when it comes to productivity. It just might be the antidote to curing that writer’s block! More visually inclined? The incredible views of the water, and its surrounding lush, vibrant greenery make for more interesting and unique photography and watercolor subjects. Even if your sole medium of expression is your favorite social media account, your photos will be a lot more interesting because of where you choose to live.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, being close to the water may awaken something beautiful and unexpected in you.

Lakefront houses for sale in CT

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