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Why it pays to stage your home

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Put yourself in this situation: You’re a homebuyer and you’ve come to the point where you need to choose between two houses. One is being sold as-is while the other has been beautifully staged. Barring other factors like budget and location, your attention will naturally gravitate toward the staged house.

Staging a house is more than just putting your best foot forward come sale time. It helps potential buyers visualize what it’s like to live in it. The better imagery that potential buyers can come up with based on how you staged your home, the more attractive the offer you’ll receive and the more attention your house will get.

Here are more reasons why staging your home before putting it on the market is a smart move:

  1. A positive first impression is good; a lasting impression is better
  2. Ever wonder what makes certain listings do better than others? They leave a lasting impression even after a potential buyer continues to search for other options.

    You can hit the listings with high-resolution photos and a series of bullet points stating descriptions of the property to call a buyer’s attention to your home – that is good for a first impression. But when the photos and the property description make a compelling statement to the buyer (read: interesting angles of your bedroom and truly insightful content in your property description), then this is what makes a lasting impression.

    A lasting impression for your home works wonders in an increasingly digital world where users’ attention span can only go as far as 5 seconds before swiping a webpage to oblivion. You keep potential buyers’ attention for more than that and you can expect more serious buyers than window-shoppers. Aim to dazzle right from the start with exceptional home staging.

  3. Sell fast, increase profit
  4. It has been proven time and again that staged homes have an edge over their non-staged counterparts. The latter can linger in the market for months and the seller may have to lower their asking price just to finally make the sale.

    For better returns on your investment and to effectively sell quickly, you can follow the real estate experts’ advice and stage your home, too. How is this possible? For one, a staged home’s perceived value is higher. Buyers are willing to pay more for a home that looks and feels like it’s in its best state. And when a home looks more aesthetically pleasing than others in the listings, buyers will be more inclined to make an offer as fast as they can to beat the competition.

  5. Draw attention away from flaws
  6. Here’s a truth in real estate: No house is free of imperfections, no matter how big or small, whether it’s newly constructed or a lived-in one. Does this make home staging an unnecessary and expensive frivolity? On the contrary – all the more that you will need to stage your home to draw buyers’ attention away from flaws and less favorable spots.

    With the right lighting, colors, accessories, furniture placement, and other staging hacks, you bring more attention to the more positive aspects of your home. You can also give the illusion of space in small areas of the house, given the right elements — light and cool colors, natural light, clear pathways, to name a few.

Things to remember when staging your home

Here are a few tips to help you maximize your home’s selling potential through staging:

  • Don’t lose sight of ambiance. In your desire to add pieces of furniture or décor in your staging endeavor, you might be glossing over the overall theme you want to project for your home. Always strive to achieve a certain ambiance that fits with the home’s overall design as you stage your home.
  • Declutter, declutter, declutter. Keeping each part of the house nice and tidy is a given in home staging. But you should also aim to keep the number of displayed pieces at a minimum. Don’t fill up a living room with all sorts of furniture and items. Remember that you’re helping buyers see the prospect of living in this space. Let them visualize how they could make their own style choices.
  • Synchronize with the home stager. If you take on the services of a professional home stager, make sure to remind yourself constantly that you may be the one calling the shots but the home stager is the real expert. You can make suggestions but know that their recommendations stem from years of experience, schooling, and previous successes in their trade.

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