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Boat Trailer Safety

Boat Trailer Safety

It’s not too early to start getting your boat trailer in tip-top shape. To help make sure you can haul your boat to its destination and into the water smoothly, check out this basic trailering checklist from

Before you tow your boat trailer, be sure:

> Coupler, hitch and hitch ball are of the same size
> Coupler and safety chains are safely secured to the hitch of the tow vehicle
> All fasteners are properly tightened
> Boat is securely tied down to trailer (note: winch line is not a tie down)
> Wheel lug nuts are properly tightened
> Wheel bearings are properly adjusted and maintained
> Load is within maximum load carrying capacity
> Tires are properly inflated
> All trailer lighting is working properly
> Trailer brakes are properly adjusted and working (if trailer is so equipped)
> Brakes and additional equipment meet all local and state requirements

Boat Pre-Season Check

Before taking your boat onto the water, make sure you’ve done the following:

> Tune it up. It’s always a good idea to have your boat winterized at the end of each season, but whether you did or didn’t get it done last year, make sure to get a full tune-up before you hit the lake this summer.
> Charge it. Make sure your battery is fully charged.
> Clear it out. If there’s a chance any bit of gas from last season is still in your tank, fill it up with fresh gas as well as a stabilizer; this will prevent buildup in the gas lines and injection system.
> Give it a test. Before you get the boat all the way into the water and off the trailer, lower your motor into the water and make sure it will turn over.
> Plug it up. Ensure your drain plug is in and the bilge pump is functioning properly.